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Areas That Demand Rooftop Guardrails

Being a construction project manager comes with a responsibility of keeping the employees free from rooftop falls. In most cases, the project manager will always protect the rooftop edges and forget that there are other areas on the rooftop that needs roof railing. These are areas which will lead to falls and injuries at the end of the day. There is therefore need for you to acknowledge these areas and ensure to settle for rooftop guardrail systems that will enhance safety. Jotted below in this article are some of the areas on the roof that demands your attention.

First and foremost, you need to concentrate on the hatchway. The skylight plays an integral role in a building but there is need to keep it railed and protected during an ongoing construction project or work on the rooftop. The skylight opening is risky and there are high chances of having your employees falling and getting injured severely. Therefore, ensure to settle for safety rail system that will help keep the hatchway safe and appropriately protected.

The second area that you need to concentrate on is the ladder and its access point. There are so many buildings whose rooftops are accessed via ladders. There is therefore need for you to make sure that the ladder is railed and its access point as well. Many falls emanate from people trying to access the rooftop and where you focus on the access points, you will be promoting the safety and wellness of your employees. As much as you need to protect the ladder and the access points, there is need for you to train your employees on the effective ways of using the ladder so as to minimize the immense risk of falling.

There are so many buildings whose rooftops have varying heights. In other words, these are rooftops where the heights tend to differ and they have different rooftop levels. Where a person isn't keen, they are prone to fall and it's through guardrail systems that you manage to prevent these falls. There is therefore need for you to ensure that the edges are protected or railed at all times so as to keep your working or walking employees safe. For further details regarding roofing, visit

The last but not the least, you should be concerned about the holes generated during the construction which are on the rooftop surfaces as well as other construction materials like cables and pipes. There are so many people who will walk and work absent mindedly and these materials whether cables or wires are prone to trip them to falling. It is where you capitalize on protecting and railing these areas that you dispense the falls and the injuries.

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